Top Blog Name Generators

Blogging has become very famous nowadays. Thousands of blogs become live on the internet daily. So finding a good blog name is so much adversity. But, finding a keyword based domain become impossible. Many paid tools and services are available on the internet, but they will charge high for names. But, why should we pay for such services, if free tool can help you lot in finding name for your blog. So, today I am going to share Top Five free blog name generator online to get creative blog names ideas.


Name station is the best place to find cool blog names. To use this tool, first you have to create a name station account. You can create account within a minute. For this, you need an email address only. With the Namestation, you can create names of different languages and also create a name of fixed length. To generate Names, you have to put your desire names on suffix and prefix box. Also, you can select different domain extension like .com, .net, .in and many others. On clicking on the button, it will generate many blog names. Best thing about this tool is that it will generate names available on the internet.

Blog name generator


Gzzt is most popular web blog name generator on the internet. Gzzt has two options, first one is funky and second option is normal. To generate a blog name, Choose any of one option’s and click on the create button. For every click, this tool suggest you two names. So, you can generate thousands of name ideas for blog. If you liked the name, go and check the Domain name, is it available or not? So it’s a cool way to generate Funky blog names.


Wordoid is the best tool to find creative blog names. You can create blog name in languages English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. For generate name, you have to put a single keyword. Also, you can select that keyword beginning, middle and end of the title. You can select word limit from 5 to 15 for a name. Wordoid will give domain name suggestions and their availability on the internet.

Domain Name Soup

To generate name, you have to enter the keyword on the search box. It will suggest cool, hyphenated, delicious and business domains in the table. You can enter one more keyword in domain name wizard. It will give the huge blog name ideas, if you like them you can check for registration using iwebtool.


Nameboy is another cool blog name generator. With the help of Nameboy, you can find available domain names. Here, you have to put keyword in primary word box and secondary box is optional. If you want to add two keyword in name, then you can go for secondary box. Also, you can allow hyphens between the names. Within a Second Nameboy list down the available names with their extensions. Hope you liked these blog name generators.

There are some factors we should consider while choosing a creative blog name

  • It should be unique and original
  • It must be descriptive and convey some information
  • It should be easy to remember and spell

In short, first decides a niche for blog and makes a list of word that you want to include in your blog name. Now use above cool blog name generator to find awesome blog name ideas. If you liked the post, don’t forget share it with your friends. If you know any other tools, please let me know via comment.